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Sharing some news

Dear all,

Effective  1 September, 2017, I will be taking up an academic position at the University of Cambridge, U. K. I am looking forward to this opportunity.

I am grateful for the experiences I have had over the last five years at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

I will be largely unavailable over email for the month of August, 2017. The best way to reach me continues to be : shawn(at)shawnbullock(dot)ca.

Announcing a new journal: Teacher Learning and Professional Development

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new journal, Teacher Learning and Professional Development:

Teacher Learning and Professional Development (TLPD) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that is broadly concerned with the challenges and complexities of learning to teach. We frame learning to teach as a lifelong process that includes formal pre-service and continuing education programs for teachers and a variety of informal experiences that contribute to teachers’ professional knowledge. We also recognize that the term teacher is typically taken to refer those who work as elementary or secondary school teachers; however, we adopt an holistic definition of teacher learning and professional development that includes the learning and development activities of anyone who teaches or self-identifies as a teacher. This expanded definition thus  includes, but is not limited to, K-12 teachers, post-secondary teachers, adult educators, museum educators, community-based educators, coaches, and performing arts teachers.
Please consider submitting your work to this new journal.
Special thanks to the authors and reviewer team for the inaugural issue.


I am pleased to introduce a new online presence for my SSHRC-funded research program: Developing a Maker Pedagogy.

What do I mean by maker pedagogy? My working definition, which I developed in January 2014 as a part of the winning grant proposal, was:

Maker Pedagogy is an approach that utilizes the principles of ethical hacking (i.e., deconstructing existing technology for the purpose of creating knowledge), adapting (i.e., the freedom to use a technology for new purposes), designing (i.e., selecting components and ideas to solve problems), and creating (i.e., archiving contextual knowledge obtained through engaging in the process of making, as well as the actual tangible products) as part of an overall way of working with those interesting in learning about science and technology. (Bullock, 2014)

You can check out a longer blog post about the topic on the new site.

Be sure to check often, as my research team and I will be sharing information about our research as it progresses as well as blogging about our developing understanding of maker pedagogy.

My thanks to: the participants who are joining us in Phase I of the research, Andrea Sator (research assistant for the project and PhD student in ETLD at SFU), and to SSHRC for providing the funding.