I welcome dedicated students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies at the Faculty of Education on a full- or part-time basis. Interested students are invited to examine a description of my current research projects by clicking here.

I am interested in working with masters and doctoral students interested in any of the following research areas/topics:

1. Science and Engineering Education (secondary and post-secondary levels):

  • Topics include: Content Representation (CoRe) in science education, science pedagogy at all levels, how students (and teachers) learn about science with digital technologies, the role of history and philosophy of science in science education, undergraduate students’ experience of science, the role of co-op (work placement) education in science and engineering students’ professional education, informal science education, the professional education of engineers.

2. Digital Technology in Education

  • Topics include: Using digital technologies to support the development of reflective practice, history, philosophy, and critique of the use of digital technologies in education, use of digital technologies by older adults for informal education, digital technologies, informal education, and popular culture.

3. Teacher Education (pre-service and in-service):

  • Topics include: Reflective practice, pre-service teachers’ experiences of the field placement, how teachers learn from experience, the construction of professional knowledge about teaching, elementary and secondary science teacher education and professional development, teacher identity.

4. Practitioner Inquiry (teacher inquiry, professional inquiry)

  • Graduate students who are interested in examining any of the aforementioned topics through the lens of practitioner inquiry may be interested in engaging in a critical examination of their own practice for part or all of their research. The methodologies of action research and self-study provide a conceptually rigorous and personally meaningful approach to the critical examination of one’s own practice as an educator and a professional. If you are open to examining the question “How might I come to understand my professional practice differently?” as a result of researching your practice, then practitioner inquiry might be for you.

Funding Possibilities

Currently, I am pursuing multi-year projects that look at the role of the field experience in pre-service teacher education and the history of post-graduate engineering education in Canada. Some funding may be available for students interested in collaborating with me on this work as a part of their graduate education.

Please feel free to contact me at sbullock(at)sfu(dot)ca.