Current Teaching Position:

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, SFU

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Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  • EDUC 100: Selected Questions and Issues in Education (Spring, 2013)
  • EDUC 230: Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (Fall, 2015)
  • EDUC 416: Designs for Learning – Secondary Science (Summer, 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016)
  • Various special topics and directed studies courses.

Masters-level Courses Taught:

  • EDUC 859: Philosophy of Science and Perspectives on Education (Summer, 2013)
  • EDUC 866: Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (Fall, 2013; Summer 2014)
  • EDUC 867: Advanced Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (Summer, 2016)
  • Various courses in the M.Ed. Science Education community-based program
  • EDUC 890: Educational Media as Foundations of Curriculum (Fall, 2015)

Doctoral-level Courses Taught:

  • EDUC 901: Seminar in the History of Educational Theory (Fall, 2016)
  • EDUC 911: Colloquium in Curriculum Theory (Fall, 2014)

Continuing Studies Courses Taught

  • SCFC783: Contemplating Modern Physics: Dark Matter, Superstrings, and Other Strange Things (Fall, 2013)
  • SCFC895: Planets, Stars, Black Holes, and Cosmology (Fall, 2014)
  • SCFC883: Victorian Science: An Era of Discovery (Spring, 2015)
  • AHCP258: Science and the Supernatural  (Summer, 2015)
  • SCFC908: Onward to the Stars: A History of Human Spaceflight (Fall, 2015)
  • SCFC937: To Boldly Go: Six Unresolved Questions in Physics (Spring, 2016)

Previous Full-Time Teaching Positions:

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, UOIT

Courses Taught (MA/MEd level):

  • EDUC 5401G – Introduction to Adult Education & Higher Education
  • EDUC 5404G – Teaching in an Adult Learning Environment
  • EDUC 5405G – Digital Technologies in Adult Education

Courses Taught (BEd (teacher education) level):

  • CURS 4130U – I/S Curriculum Studies I: Physics
  • CURS 4131U – I/S Curriculum Studies II: Physics
  • CURS 4141U – I/S Curriculum Studies II: Mathematics
  • EDUC 3511U – I/S Learning with ICT

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Queen’s University

  • PROF 191 – Theory and Professional Practice Course / Practicum Supervision,
  • CURR 351/352 Physics Methods (co-taught with Professor Tom Russell)

Literacy Teacher, York Region District School Board

  • Fully seconded secondary school teacher responsible for implementing district-wide “Learning Plus” initiative with a focus on developing literacy across the curriculum for a family of schools (secondary and elementary)
  • Designed and offered ongoing professional development for teacher colleagues.

Physics Teacher, Toronto District School Board

  • Designed and implemented science and physics curriculum for a mid-size Toronto secondary school.
  • Supervised and supported students’ extra-curricular development through a variety of clubs, organizations, and field trips.