Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology: My upcoming lecture and course

On Saturday October 18th, 2014,  I will be giving a lecture beginning at 10:30 as a part of SFU’s new “occasional Saturday series.” From the website:

Our new occasional Saturday series, “Quantum Leaps,” focuses on momentous change—explosive events or earth-shattering discoveries that were so special that human perspectives or the natural world itself altered, for good or ill and forever.

The fall series focuses on history and science. Each day consists of two back-to-back modules divided by a 40-minute lunch break. Although the general topic is designed to stimulate you to attend both lectures, the morning and afternoon sessions can be taken independently. Each lecture includes a question-and-answer period.

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My talk will provide a conceptual overview of the “big bang” and its role in modern cosmology.

Those who are interested in participating in SFU’s Continuing Studies program for adults 55+ might be interested in a new course I am offering beginning on Wednesday October 22nd, 2014, entitled “Planets, Stars, Black Holes, and Cosmology.” From the course description:

Do any of the following questions appeal to you: Is the universe expanding, contracting or staying the same size? Where did stars come from? What happens when stars die? How did we discover planets outside our solar system? Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet? Why are the planets closer to our sun made of rock and outer planets made of gas?

We will conduct an in-depth exploration of selected topics in astrophysics and astronomy using perspectives informed by the history and philosophy of science, including the Big Bang, the formation and evolution of stars and the end of the universe. No advanced mathematical knowledge is required for this journey to the edge of the cosmos, but an interest in thinking about big questions is essential.

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