Online policy

Hello internet citizen,

Thank you for visiting my website. In an age in which there seems to be an increasing blurring of lines between the public and private (one might indeed argue that both of these concepts have been fundamentally redefined), I have decided that it would prudent to clarify how I negotiate my digital presence.

This site,, is my way of presenting my academic self in a digital space. In so doing, I am free from institutional requirements to present myself in particular way, although you can obviously find my faculty pages easily (my space at the University of Cambridge and at Emmanuel College, for example). This site contains a detailed record of my academic work and functions as an online archive of sorts.

My maker pedagogy site,, highlights academic work that is relevant to that particular research and outreach program. It also contains blog posts from and information about current team members.

I do not use Facebook, Twitter, or any other form of social media.

I welcome email correspondence but I make no guarantee that I will reply – that will depend on many factors, including my own level of interest.

Please note with all published work that my views may or may not have changed since the time of original publication.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Shawn M. Bullock, PPhys, FRAS, FRGS, FRSA